After all that

We picked our donor. After much agonizing and me being paranoid that maybe he didn’t smile enough in the pictures and therefore there was something wrong with him (I’m not kidding, that was a real worry of mine. Yes, I can worry about anything).

We picked him, we talked to the lab, we filled out various paperwork (or at least we talked about filling it out and will totally do so tomorrow!), we confirmed prices and calculated how much we could buy…and then tonight we called.

Excited and a little bit nervous we huddled around my computer and talked to the international person.

“Yes” we said, “We are ready to order. We’d like donor X.”

Only turns out, Donor X has been snapped up by 10 UK families and is no longer compliant since a couple weeks ago.

That was a bit of a shock.

So we got off the phone to look things over. It turned out, Donor Y (the other of the final 2) wasn’t available for the UK anymore either! That’s what we get for not searching but just going straight to the profiles to pore over every detail.

We looked at who else was available, and new donors, and found someone we liked who was new, we’d never seen him before, and we looked at everything about him once, looked at his pictures three times and his educational info twice and his donor essay then in the end, after having looked through 20 profiles in 40 minutes  – we just went for it. We bought it.


We spent 3+ months looking at sperm donors. I spent at least a month of that time agonozing over how big a decision it was, and the last week in a panic about it. And in the end, we chose someone in 40 minutes*. And I think I like him better than I liked Donor X!

Life’s kind of funny.



*to be fair, those 3 months meant we really knew what we wanted…

  1. Rachael said:

    Congratulations on finding a donor and going with your gut. I can’t imagine how hard that decision is and to find out your hard work isn’t going to pay off, but in the end, it sounds like it was better to not have that donor available. Looking forward to reading what’s in store for you guys next!

  2. Nicole said:

    I too had the disappointment of losing the donor I originally chose, but after careful examination found someone I liked even better! Congrats!!!

  3. kirrax said:

    Congrats on finding your perfect donor. My partner and I are on the waiting list to pick ours. My mind is muddled with thoughts of what qualities I would like our donor to have.

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