Communication, again

I just called the clinic to chase about getting a nurse’s appointment, as we were told to do at our last appointment, and boy, was it ridiculous.
At first the receptionist asks “when is your treatment scheduled for?”
and I was like…I don’t know, that’s why I’m calling for an appointment!! Though in a much nicer way of course.
Then she looked it up on the system and said I was scheduled for January. And I’m saying, I really don’t think that’s right, that’s not what the doctor said at all. And so she got a bit sniffy and started going on about waiting lists and how everyone has to wait their turn.
Then finally I made it clear that it was IUI not IVF (trying for a whisper at my desk that would be loud enough to be heard over my mobile), and then she says we don’t need a nurses appointment!
So I’m like, the doctor said we did, and she’s reading our last letter and going ‘who is this doctor who wrote this’ all annoyed at the lack of info – HA! – and then finally realizes that we are using donor sperm and therefore we do need an appointment. You’re on the waiting list for a nurse’s appointment, she says. Ok, fine.
But do we have the donor sperm here, in the lab? she says. No, I say, we were told to get it after we had the nurse’s appointment. No, she says, the doctor told you things backward. You have to get the donor stuff here first. You can’t have a nurse’s appointment until the donor sperm is actually here in the lab.
Oh for goodness sake.
  1. Rachael said:

    You know, for something so important and expensive, you would think they would get it right. Now, though, if I were you – instead, I would wonder who was actually telling you the right thing. I hope that doesn’t delay you any further from your plan. Sounds like a big giant headache, hope you have a better time of it.

  2. lesbimom said:

    Thanks – yeah it is fairly frustrating, especially since the doctor that got it wrong (we think) was the one we were so happy about regarding his communication! Oh well. Eventually we’ll figure it out.

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