So I’ve mentioned how frustrating bad communication from the doctor or the clinic can be. There’s nothing like a rushed doctor who won’t listen to you, or getting a letter in the mail with a diagnosis and numbers but no context.

Which is why it was just SO nice to have a a doctor who took his time, answered all our questions, didn’t hurry us, and explained things in great detail. Maybe it was partly so good because we’d gone in with very low expectations, but he was really very good.

This appointment was about deciding whether we were doing IUI or IVF, and the clear decision was IUI. What he also made clear to us (for the first time in this whole process) is that we actually get 6 IUI tries and 3 IVF tries after that if the IUI doesn’t work. Which is really just fantastic.

AND, we might (though this was one point he wasn’t completely clear) be able to start earlier than December. Basically, three things need to happen before we can start now. (AND I WAS RIGHT, in your face first doctor, there is NOT a waiting list for IUI, it’s only for IVF. He really did not explain things well)

1. We have to have an appointment with a nurse to go through various things (we have a hunch it is going through the SAME things as we went through with this doc but oh well) and get the ovulation drugs

2. We have to buy the sperm and get it sent to our clinic

3. I have to get my next period.

That’s it. That’s all. We could start trying in September if everything moved at its quickest pace.

But the only problem is that we don’t have an appointment in the books with the nurse.  In the one instance of the reception being less helpful than the doctor, they were highly confused that the doctor wanted us to keep the IVF appointments we already had in November/December, but make a new, earlier appointment with the Nurse. So they took my phone number and said the nurse will call me.

“What do you think the timeline is on this?” I asked, meaning when will the appointment probably be.

“Oh, it should be within 3 weeks.”

“Oh, great!”

“Yeah, if she hasn’t given you a call in 3 weeks, call us up.”

So the timeline was that within 3 weeks we MIGHT get a call from the nurse. Snort.


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