First appointment questions

We have our first real appointment at the clinic soon, and we’re trying to gather all our questions in one place to make sure we remember to ask everything we should. So far we’ve got these, if you can think of any others please say!


  • Who can we get it from?
  • How do we get it from them to you?
  • What are the charges for storing it?
  • When should we order?


  • CAN we have IVF instead of IUI if we want? Can we just choose it?
  • What are the risks for each?
  • What are my chances of success with IUI?
  • Could we do IUI first and then IVF within our NHS-funded cycles?
  • What happens if we run out of NHS cycles (on IUI)

Drugs for IUI

  • What kind of drugs will it/could it be?
  • Can we just have the stimulated ovulation, without the other drugs?
  • What are the risks?

Drugs for IVF

  • What are the drugs?
  • What are the riks?

IUI process

  • When would we start?
  • How do they track ovulation?
  • Would we have to be on call?
  • If the first cycle doesn’t work, how soon could we try again?
  • Does frozen sperm decrease the chances of success?


  • Would there be a waiting list?
  • Could we get on the waiting list while doing one round of IUI?
  • How long do we have to wait between cycles?


Can any of you think of any questions we’ve missed?

    • Thank you! I have a couple of posts to write about how it’s gone so far

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