Drawing (blood) numbers

I wrote this earlier in the week but there was no service in the hospital so posting now…

I am sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting to get my blood drawn for whichever test it is. I was hoping this would be a bit of a quicker process than it is turning out to be…but I guess I was just being a bit optimistic. The blood clinic opens at 8:30 and I got here at 8:30 to find about 30 people in front of me in the queue. Whoops. Hopefully they’ll be fast.

And ok, I just looked around for my number (there’s a take a number system like in a butchers) and couldn’t see what I’d done with it…I stood up, shook out my sweater, my dress, my coat, searched my bag, and eventually gave up, totally confused as to what happened to it. Got up and got a new number – which was ten people later – and saw my old number where it had fallen right in front of my chair. Several people around me had seen this whole thing of course. They were all quite amused. Actually, so was I.

Ten people left before I go in…it is going quite quickly. That is good because I’m guessing ill have to come here a lot when I start treatment. One of the nice things about the clinic being in a hospital is that teu have all these services ready, and they do try to accommodate people with jobs (thus starting at 8:30). Because of course I’m going to try to avoid letting on what I’m doing at work, which means limiting work hours doctors appointments as much as possible.

Ok it was going fast but now it’s stuck with 7 people in front of me. Quick, everybody open their veins, ready go!


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