Your male parter if you have one

So we got our first real communication from the fertility clinic today. My favourite thing about it was that they clearly anticipate the possibility of gay women or single women coming into the clinic. It is such a simple thing to do, such an easy consideration to make, and yet so many people don’t make it. Three cheers for the NHS (in my post code anyway…)

I have to go for yet another blood test before the appointment, which is fine, tho I don’t really understand why they couldn’t have just tested for whatever this is in the other set of blood tests I had prior to the referral. We also have to go to an information evening before our appointment which I’m guessing will be a little weird. Sitting in a room with mostly straight couples, who’ve been trying for ages without success and are super worried about this…not that we’re not worried it might not work, but its not the same.

Going off the anxiety meds has been going well I think…I’ve gotten a book about mindfulness to try while I do it. That’s always been something recommended to me, but I didn’t want to try it before now, most because (if I’m honest) it sounded hard. But now’s a good time I guess!


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