Goodbye, magic pills

So first step of the whole baby thing is going off my anxiety medication. I’ve been on it successfully for 5 years. I never had any plans to go off until this whole baby thing, and I still wonder if it’s for the best (as my doctor pointed out, an anxious and stressed pregnancy also increases chances of problems for baby, which is the problem with my drugs). But I’m giving it a try and seeing how it goes.

It’s a very slow process – it will likely take over two months before I’m not on any dose at all. So far I have had…three days of reduced dose. I can tell no difference whatsoever. But since the drugs take a few weeks to start to be effective when you first start taking them, I’m guessing I won’t notice for awhile. If at all, I hope.

It’s hugely scary though.  I was supposed to start this process at the beginning of last week – but I was too stressed by the whole idea, too – ha this is a pathetic joke – anxious, and so I gave myself some time to get used to the idea.

I guess we’ll see how it goes!

I like the cartoon below very much – there’s pretty much nothing I can’t worry about. B once said to me, trying to understand how this worked, but surely you can’t be worried that zombies driving tanks will suddenly appear and take over the country. To which I replied…well now I am!


  1. Good luck to you! I know how hard it is to not be on anxiety meds.

    • Thanks Rachel! Fingers crossed it goes ok.

  2. AndiePants said:

    Heya, just wanted to give you some support and ‘you’re not alone’ for this. I have taken anti-anxiety meds for 4-5 years, and at the beginning of this process did a lot of consulting and research to determine the best steps. I ended up going off one medication and switching to a lower dose of the other, but staying on. The maternal-fetal expert I talked to went through all of the ups and downs of every possible scenario and I’m really happy with the decision I got to – one where I still feel able to function and also feel ok about gestating a baby. Best of luck!

  3. Thanks Andie…I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking at various options as well. If this whole ‘going off’ thing doesn’t work, I’m going to try switching to a different one as that’s what my doctor recommended as a plan B. A friend of ours did that for her pregnancy and it seemed to work, and she has a lovely one year old now!

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