I’ve been so busy planning how we will parent I haven’t actually paid much attention to how we will get pregnant…especially as it is so far off since we have our first appointment in June. But having found this blog: and read about the long long LONG wait they had for NHS treatment, and the fact that they then went private…I’m thinking about it.

Our GP told us that the wait would be something like 2-3 months for an appointment (accurate) and then 2 months or so before we’d be able to try for being pregnant. I’ve (vaguely, in theory) prepared myself for the idea that it won’t work the first time, or the second time or maybe at all. But I haven’t really thought about the idea that we won’t get to try for like a year!

A straight couple have been using the fertility services at this hospital, and they’ve suggested the doctor’s timeline is relatively likely but that there might be additional tests that might delay things – that would be ok, though since there are (so far as we know and the initial tests indicate) no problems with my fertility hopefully that won’t be the case. But…what if it makes a difference that we are a lesbian couple?

My doctor has said several times that he and the surgery as a whole have referred several lesbian couples to this fertility service.  We are in that very lucky minority of lesbians who have won the postcode lottery, in that our treatment as a same sex couple is funded, and we have a very reasonable number of free tries. And as an American I know how lucky I am to have anything funded at all! I just hope that the wait times are actually in line with what our GP has said.

I guess we shall have to wait and see…we have an introduction evening soon, so I will definitely be asking about timelines.  We can’t really afford to go private first (we might be able to fund one or maybe two tries privately, but I am much more comfortable having as many tries as possible. So however we do it, the NHS is for us. But oh! I want to be pregnant soon! I don’t want to wait for a year before we even start trying!

  1. Rachael said:

    So awesome that you’re treatment is funded! I think that’s just so great! I am hoping your wait isn’t too long and we can all join you on the baby making journey soon!

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yeah, the NHS isn’t perfect but it is pretty amazing what is funded. We’ll have to buy the sperm (probably from america on the internet! because there’s a sperm shortage here 🙂 but the rest of the treatment for the first three tries is free. It’s something I truly value about living in this country, and not just because of how it benefits me. I think about friends in America who put off going to the doctor because of the expense, let serious conditions go undetected or untreated…not to mention the more obvious cases where people can’t get the treatment they need because they don’t have the right health insurance…

  3. So jealous of the UK medical system now. In New Zealand we will only get funded treatment if we are actually considered infertile medically (a whole pile of criteria including ‘how long you have been trying’). So at least the first 6 attempts to get pregnant will have to be totally funded privately, and if my endometriosis is not considered serious enough it might have to be 12 attempts.

    Just read though your blog. We are planning to start trying in september too! I am excited to find someone in the same stage as us. Hope it all works out for you.

    • Yay, it is fun to find someone at the same stage, I’ll have to go check out your blog now!

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