So now we wait

The great thing about the NHS is, not only do they pay for 3 fertility treatments for infertile straight couples, ie people with actual medical problems, they also pay for same sex couples. So we have 3 goes for free, which is wonderful when you consider the state of our bank accounts.

The downside is, there’s a long waiting list. So, we’ve now been referred for about 3 weeks (we decided to get the referral right after my first post, even though we hadn’t decided on the timing of the first try at that point), but we won’t actually get an appointment for another two months or so.

So we wait. And I read parenting books, apparently.

Also, we go on an amazing vacation to iceland. Because we won’t be able to after we get pregnant. And because it’s something B has wanted to do forever, and she’s doing what I want with regards to the september vs january question. And, actually, we had already booked this trip and it had nothing to do with anything! In fact, we are already here. And it is in fact AWESOME.


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