Day Two

In the end, B couldn’t come to the doctor with me. it was rather ridiculous…she ended up with a horrible 24 hour stomach bug that meant that while I was at the doctor, she was lying on the floor of the bathroom. Ah well.

I recorded the whole conversation for her, and she listened to it all, including the five minutes in the middle where the fire alarm went off in the practice accidentally and my doc had to out to fix it because he is apparently the practice handyman.

So the basics were, I’m perfectly healthy, thank goodness, and the doc is happy to refer us to the fertility clinic. Two problems remain – my anti-anxiety medicine, which increases the chance of a kind of heart problem by about 2 or 3 out of 1000, so from 2 to 3 in 1000 (in the general population) to 5 in 1000. And it does seem crazy to be taking a drug that messes with the chemicals in my brain when that drug passes through the placental barrier and would, I’m guessing, mess with the chemicals in my foetus’s brain.

So I should go off it, right? Well it’s complicated, because apparently being pregnant can really mess with mental health, and being stressed and anxious when your pregnant is bad for your foetus as well! And this medicine has been brilliant for me, I’ve been on it for 5 years and  it’s really helped.

The other issue is a bit easier…I take allergy medicine every day, and there’s no research about whether it might be harmful or not! because of course, no one wants to join a drug trial when pregnant…

Also, discussing with B about whether we should get referred straight away, or wait a bit longer…she’s not quite as ready as me.

We’ll see…


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